I’am a professional photographer, based in Udine, Italy, since 2004.
Some circumstances pushed me to design, industrial and furniture projects. I work with advertising agencies through the north of Italy. Always attracted by photojournalism and creative photography, I won prizes from Voies Off (Rencontres Internationales de Photographie of Arles — France) to two Canon scholarship with TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshop) in Tuscany. During these last ten years some books and reviews printed a digest of my favourite photos, both reportage and commercial. I actually dedicate my time working in collaboration with destination marketing and public relations agencies, furniture companies, food publishers and I develop special projects with Italian’s craftmen network.
A friend said:
“(…) Matteo has a gift for combining strong aesthetics with a keen perception of his subjects to produce meaningful, visually stimulating photographs. (…) Matteo demonstrated a truly unique way of seeing the world, an enthusiam for photography wich is extreme, and a willingness and desire to grow in his art.”
— Kent Kobersteen, ex Director of Photography and Senior Editor
/ National Geographic Magazine